Masonara offers a curated collection of royalty-free images, referred to as "Content." By accessing or contributing Content, you agree to comply with our Content License.

At Masonara, we strive for simplicity. Therefore, we_qt_ve prepared this brief summary of our Content License, with the full version available here. Please remember, only the full Content License is legally binding.


Permitted Uses of Content

Under the Content License, and subject to the Prohibited Uses listed below, you may:

✓ Use Content for free.

✓ Use Content without attributing the author (though credit is always appreciated by our community!).

✓ Modify or adapt Content to create new works.

Prohibited Uses of Content

The following activities are not permitted:

✕ You cannot sell or distribute Content (in digital or physical form) on a standalone basis. "Standalone" means no creative effort has been applied, and the Content remains largely unchanged from its original form on our site.

✕ If Content includes recognizable trademarks, logos, or brands, you cannot use that Content for commercial purposes related to goods and services. Specifically, you cannot print such Content on merchandise or other physical products for sale.

✕ You cannot use Content in any immoral or illegal manner, particularly Content featuring recognizable individuals.

✕ You cannot use Content in a misleading or deceptive way.

✕ You cannot incorporate any Content into a trademark, design mark, trade name, business name, or service mark.

Please note that certain Content might be subject to additional intellectual property rights (such as copyrights, trademarks, design rights), moral rights, proprietary rights, property rights, privacy rights, or similar. It is your responsibility to verify whether you need third-party consent or a license to use the Content.


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